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The Fan

85 minutes
EAVE on Demand program 2020 Participant as one of 7 Russian projects for coproduction.

“Thou Shalt Not Worship False Idols” 


Anya, 15yo emo girl, steals her grandfather's car and heads to Moscow to get to a meet-n-greet with a lead singer her favorite rock band. There she teams up with her best friends on a fan forum, teen girls Shami and Kill. What the girls' desperate desire to meet their idol will turn into? 


End of the 2000s. Anya, a fifteen-year-old girl, lives in a small provincial town in Russia in an old private house with her grandfather. Anya is a fan of the European metal band Blood Tears of the Meat Chopper. She adores the band's lead singer Ben Spikes, believing that he is an ideal, almost God. Growing up without parents, Anya exists in isolation from the past, and her grandfather is not ready to accept the present. In her desperate desire to touch the ideal, Anya steals her grandfather's car and goes to Moscow to a concert of her favorite band, not yet realizing that she will face a difficult choice that will determine the world in which she will live. 

30 building 2, Leningradsky Av. 125040 Moscow, Russia