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Tatsinsky raid. Little heroes of a victorious battle

38 minutes
2021 (post-production)

History, Documentary, WW2

There were fierce battles near Stalingrad. Several operations of the Soviet army to defeat the German airfield, which supplied the surrounded 6th Army of General Paulus, were unsuccessful.

The main task of the Bodanov tank corps was to find and defeat the German airfield. Rural guys came to the aid of the Badanovites, who not only indicated the location of the airfield, but also conducted a tank corps bypassing German posts. The airfield was defeated! Paulus' army lost air support. But the boys could not be saved. Young heroes were awarded a medal for courage posthumously. In the village of Tatsinsk there is a monument to two guys who are barely 14 years old. Their names were Grisha Volkov and Fedya Ignatenko. 

30 building 2, Leningradsky Av. 125040 Moscow, Russia