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Partisan childhood. How the girls went to war

38 minutes, 6+

History, Documentary, WW2

In the summer of 1943, a hungry ragged teenage girl came to the village of Chernetsovo. She was exhausted and scared. The phenomenon in the war years is not surprising, so no one tormented her with interrogations. In one of the families she was offered shelter and work - to nurse a master's child. The girl agreed. Well looked after the child, was quiet inconspicuous. And after a few weeks she disappeared without a trace. After a couple of days, partisans attacked the German garrison in the village - they knew very precisely where the posts were, how many soldiers and what weapons they had. All this information under the guise of a nanny was obtained by Lara Mikheenko. When the partisans smashed the Nazis, she was already in another village: wrapped in rags, hustled at the fair and near the church. The Germans could not suspect that propaganda leaflets about the imminent victory of the Red Army were being thrust into the pockets of local residents by a little girl.

In August, 43 Lara - already an experienced scout, appreciating her quick wit and courage, transferred to the brigade, which was responsible for sabotage against Germans on the railway. That day they were instructed to blow up the railway bridge across the Drissa River on the Polotsk-Nevel line. Thanks to the participation of Lara managed to bring not only the bridge was damaged, but also the enemy echelon passing along it: the girl managed to convince the miner that at the right moment he will be able to steal imperceptibly from the sentry as close to the bridge as possible and light the fire-conductor cord before approaching by train. At the risk of life, she managed to fulfill her plan. 


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