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Nadya Bogdanova

38 minutes 
2021 (post-production)

History, Documentary, WW2

The film is about the youngest Belarusian partisan Nadia Bogdanova. Despite her age (she was only 9 years old at the beginning of the war), the girl became one of the combat-ready participants in the popular movement: she effectively conducted reconnaissance, sabotage, and participated in battles along with adults. Saved people. Several times she fell into the hands of the Germans, was subjected to torture and beatings, she was executed twice! Partisans could not find the grave of Nadya. But when, after the war, the head of the partisan intelligence spoke on the heroic exploits of the partisans who didn’t return from the war, mentioning Nadya Bogdanova, who saved his life, miraculously discovered that their Nadya (Nadyushka) was alive! 

30 building 2, Leningradsky Av. 125040 Moscow, Russia