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Journey Through The War

2021 (post-production)
History, Documentary, WW2

The film tells the story of the girl Seraphima, who fell to the difficult test of evacuation. Having barely escaped execution by the Germans in the occupation, she almost ended up in a Soviet prison - for violation of labor discipline. Ejected from the family, she is forced to adapt to the new reality in the industrial center in evacuation, where she has to work 12-14 hours at the machine and not leave work, and sleep at the factory. When she managed to find a new family in a new place, life presents her with a new test - and the 15-year-old Seraphima has to decide: to risk her freedom or the life of the person who saved her from death. At the same time, the film tells the story of the most difficult and heroic everyday life of the home front workers, as in the conditions of the most severe discipline and acute need in the factories the Victory has begun. 

30 building 2, Leningradsky Av. 125040 Moscow, Russia