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Hero under a false name

38 minutes, 6+

History, Documentary, WW2

In the city of Severomorsk, which is the main base of the Northern Fleet in Russia, a monument was erected to the hero Sasha Kovalev - a fearless young man of the times Great Patriotic War. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and several other cities there are streets named after him. But few people know that a brave boy was glorified by someone else's name ... Sasha was born into a Jewish family, his real name is Rabinovich. In 1937, when his parents were repressed, the boy was taken up by his aunt and uncle, the acting captain of the navy - Nikolai Kovalev. Sasha dreamed of becoming a captain, like an uncle. But the road to the Jung school was closed to the son of the Jews, “enemies of the people”. Then the captain decided on a forgery: Alexander Nikolaevich Kovalev, who failed the exams, appeared in the lists of applicants to the school. Since then, his name was borne by Sasha, the future hero, who served in the Navy and completed several dozen military operations. For one of them, a seventeen-year-old hero was awarded the Order of the Red Star. 

May 8, 1944 during a raid by fascist fighters, the motor’s collector was broken. The boat could explode at any moment. Sasha was shell-shocked, but not confused: threw a quilted jacket on a red-hot collector and covered a hole with his body. The motor did not explode, the sailors were saved. He received terrible burns, but saved several dozen lives. And yet death overtook him: a German phosphorus mine exploded on the deck. 

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