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Guardian Angels

Documentary, Art, Historical
Produced with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia

August 1941. Nobody knew how long it would take for the Nazis to jerk through the Donbass, but no one doubted that they would go to the Crimea, Crimea had to be evacuated. The evacuation of the first stage was completed in July 1941. But in the face of a constantly worsening situation at the front, the restructuring of the state budget, and the rescue of museum collections in Crimea faded into the background. Museum institutions and architectural chef-d’oeuvres of the peninsula were supposed to be preserved and exported among the latter. In extreme cases - to destroy, so as not to get the enemy. Employees of 26 museums of the occupied peninsula had to solve this problem at their own discretion, at their own peril and risk. Some paid for it with their lives, others with their health, others were accused of aiding the invaders and sentenced to prison for 10 long years. However, during the most difficult operations to rescue museum valuables that the Nazis were hunting for, unique collections of unique artists were saved, in particular the unique architectural monuments such as the Vorontsov Palace - a unique palace of Count Vorontsov which describe the history of Russia, about the contribution of Vorontsov to the development of culture and history. The unique historical personal belongings of Prince Vorontsov and his family have saved to this day in their original form. 

30 building 2, Leningradsky Av. 125040 Moscow, Russia