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The characters of this film are three boys. They are finishing school this year. Ahead is the "last summer of childhood" and the need to choose a life path ...

Thanks to the military-patriotic club "Alpha", which works in their school, the teenagers get to know the veterans of the Russian Special Purpose Center and find themselves in a line of events related to the heroes of modern Russia. For Sasha, Vadim and Tolik, senior comrades become guides to the world of real courage and fortitude. However, they will have to choose the choice themselves ...

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Documentary, Art, Historical
Produced with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia

August 1941. Nobody knew how long it would take for the Nazis to jerk through the Donbass, but no one doubted that they would go to the Crimea, Crimea had to be evacuated. The evacuation of the first stage was completed in July 1941. But in the face of a constantly worsening situation at the front, the restructuring of the state budget, and the rescue of museum collections in Crimea faded into the background. Museum institutions and architectural chef-d’oeuvres of the peninsula were supposed to be preserved and exported among the latter. In extreme cases - to destroy, so as not to get the enemy. Employees of 26 museums of the occupied peninsula had to solve this problem at their own discretion, at their own peril and risk. Some paid for it with their lives, others with their health, others were accused of aiding the invaders and sentenced to prison for 10 long years. However, during the most difficult operations to rescue museum valuables that the Nazis were hunting for, unique collections of unique artists were saved, in particular the unique architectural monuments such as the Vorontsov Palace - a unique palace of Count Vorontsov which describe the history of Russia, about the contribution of Vorontsov to the development of culture and history. The unique historical personal belongings of Prince Vorontsov and his family have saved to this day in their original form. 

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38 minutes, 6+
History, Documentary, WW2
Produced with the support of Ministry of Culture of Russia, Ministry of Defense of Russia, Gosfilmofond of Russia, etc

Festivals and TV Distribution
International Sretensky Orthodox Film Festival «VSTRECHA», "The best film for children" Nadym International Film Festival, »Special Jury Prize" at the Votkinsk International International Film Festival, All-Russian Children and Youth Film Festival "Children's Cinema for Children» Film Festival "Russian Heart», etc.

TV distribution: 5 Russian channels ("ZVEZDA", OTR, First Crimean "," Volgograd 1 «, etc).

    Arkady is the son of Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin, a Soviet pilot and military leader, Colonel-General of Aviation, one of the first Heroes of the Soviet Union, who participated in the rescue operation of the expedition of the steamship Chelyuskin, organizer and leader of the preparation of the first cosmonaut corps.
    At the age of 13, the boy became the best aircraft mechanic and was enlisted as a volunteer in the ranks of the Red Army as an aircraft mechanic of the 423rd communications air squadron of the Kalinin Front, and at the age of 15 the young hero received his first award - the Order of the Red Star. For his exploits, Arkady received 6 government awards and met Victory alive!
    However, Arkady will hardly live to see his majority. And the reason for his sudden death will not be the war …

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38 minutes, 6+
History, Documentary, Children, WW2
Produced with the support of Ministry of Culture of Russia, «Artek», etc.

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 54 minutes
Drama, Antiterror, Social Inequalities of People with Disabilities 

Festivals and TV Distribution
«Won Together» Film Festival, «St. Vladimir Film Festival», and other, special screenings, TV channel distribution (Zvezda Channel), etc.
Their life was almost cut short, ended... Their injuries were not comparable with life, but fate gave them a chance! The military who had been in the midst of the "hot spots", but miraculously survived, and most importantly - did not lose faith in life. Our heroes have two lives, they defeated death twice! The first time on the battlefield, and the second time, here in society, among us. They did not wait for our pity and achieved impressive success, in fact, performed a great feat. A feat to live even if there are no legs to stand up and take a step to success, reach out to it when eyes do not see. Successful in personal and professional life, they defeated themselves, their fears, despite the fact that destiny has made them people with disabilities, but at the same time showed that our heroes are people with a capital letter, their power and their will to live. 
Enormous willpower and courage helped them to go through the barriers and start a new life. People with unlimited possibilities and unlimited faith in themselves and the power of life! 

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In the summer of 1943, a hungry ragged teenage girl came to the village of Chernetsovo. She was exhausted and scared. The phenomenon in the war years is not surprising, so no one tormented her with interrogations. In one of the families she was offered shelter and work - to nurse a master's child. The girl agreed. Well looked after the child, was quiet inconspicuous. And after a few weeks she disappeared without a trace. After a couple of days, partisans attacked the German garrison in the village - they knew very precisely where the posts were, how many soldiers and what weapons they had. All this information under the guise of a nanny was obtained by Lara Mikheenko. When the partisans smashed the Nazis, she was already in another village: wrapped in rags, hustled at the fair and near the church. The Germans could not suspect that propaganda leaflets about the imminent victory of the Red Army were being thrust into the pockets of local residents by a little girl.

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In the city of Severomorsk, which is the main base of the Northern Fleet in Russia, a monument was erected to the hero Sasha Kovalev - a fearless young man of the times Great Patriotic War. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and several other cities there are streets named after him. But few people know that a brave boy was glorified by someone else's name ... Sasha was born into a Jewish family, his real name is Rabinovich. In 1937, when his parents were repressed, the boy was taken up by his aunt and uncle, the acting captain of the navy - Nikolai Kovalev. Sasha dreamed of becoming a captain, like an uncle. But the road to the Jung school was closed to the son of the Jews, “enemies of the people”. Then the captain decided on a forgery: Alexander Nikolaevich Kovalev, who failed the exams, appeared in the lists of applicants to the school. Since then, his name was borne by Sasha, the future hero, who served in the Navy and completed several dozen military operations. For one of them, a seventeen-year-old hero was awarded the Order of the Red Star. 

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38 minutes
2021 (post-production)
History, Documentary, WW2

There were fierce battles near Stalingrad. Several operations of the Soviet army to defeat the German airfield, which supplied the surrounded 6th Army of General Paulus, were unsuccessful.
The main task of the Bodanov tank corps was to find and defeat the German airfield. Rural guys came to the aid of the Badanovites, who not only indicated the location of the airfield, but also conducted a tank corps bypassing German posts. The airfield was defeated! Paulus' army lost air support. But the boys could not be saved. Young heroes were awarded a medal for courage posthumously. In the village of Tatsinsk there is a monument to two guys who are barely 14 years old. Their names were Grisha Volkov and Fedya Ignatenko. 

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2021 (post-production)
History, Documentary, WW2
The film tells the story of the girl Seraphima, who fell to the difficult test of evacuation. Having barely escaped execution by the Germans in the occupation, she almost ended up in a Soviet prison - for violation of labor discipline. Ejected from the family, she is forced to adapt to the new reality in the industrial center in evacuation, where she has to work 12-14 hours at the machine and not leave work, and sleep at the factory. When she managed to find a new family in a new place, life presents her with a new test - and the 15-year-old Seraphima has to decide: to risk her freedom or the life of the person who saved her from death. At the same time, the film tells the story of the most difficult and heroic everyday life of the home front workers, as in the conditions of the most severe discipline and acute need in the factories the Victory has begun. 

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The film is about the youngest Belarusian partisan Nadia Bogdanova. Despite her age (she was only 9 years old at the beginning of the war), the girl became one of the combat-ready participants in the popular movement: she effectively conducted reconnaissance, sabotage, and participated in battles along with adults. Saved people. Several times she fell into the hands of the Germans, was subjected to torture and beatings, she was executed twice! Partisans could not find the grave of Nadya. But when, after the war, the head of the partisan intelligence spoke on the heroic exploits of the partisans who didn’t return from the war, mentioning Nadya Bogdanova, who saved his life, miraculously discovered that their Nadya (Nadyushka) was alive! 

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